How to remove WordPress Multisite?

This one of my first post on WordPress Multisite, however I been using WP for a few years and I love it. Today I will go over a How to remove Multisite setup on WordPress.


  1. Backup your database.
  2. Please make sure your backup is completed and correct, maybe just install another temp DB and test it. (it doesn’t hurt to double check)
  3. Using your FTP application transfer the following files to a safe location
    1. [WordPress Root Folder]/wp-content/blogs.dir
    2. [WordPress Root Folder]/.htaccess file
    3. [WordPress Root Folder]/wp-config.php
  4. Go to your WordPress Network Dashboard
  5. Deactivate any plug in that it’s only for network setups (like domain mappings..)
  6. Deactivate any cache plug in for now
  7. Delete all the sub sites, basically only leave the main one
  8. Go to the main site Dashboard, Settings, Permalinks and set it to default (important for the .httaccess file)
  9. Go to your DB with MyPHPAdmin or any other application you might use and delete the following tables
    1. wp_blogs
    2. wp_blog_versions
    3. wp_registration_log
    4. wp_site
    5. wp_sitemeta
    6. wp_signups
    7. wp_sitecategories (if you have global terms enabled)
  10. You can always try the following SQL Statement in your Query tab in MyPHPAdmin
    1. DROP TABLE wp_blogs, wp_blog_versions, wp_registration_log, wp_site,wp_sitemeta,wp_signups;
    2. Remember to add wp_sitecategories to the statements,if you need to delete it.
  11. Now refresh your screen to make sure all the tables are no longer there
  12. Now open wp-config.php on you text editor ( I use Notepad ++)
    1. You can delete the following lines, but I prefer to comment them out
      1. define( ‘MULTISITE’, false );
      2. define( ‘SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL’, false );
      3. $base = ‘/';
      4. define(‘DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘’ );
      5. define(‘PATH_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘/’ );
      6. define(‘SITE_ID_CURRENT_SITE’, 1);
      7. define(‘BLOGID_CURRENT_SITE’, 1 );
  13. Now if you had any additional lines you modified on the wp-config.php, for the multisite please comment those one as well.
  14. Good sample is like  “define(‘SUNRISE’,’on’);” or any addon for multi map domain
  15. You can always delete your blogs.dir folder on your [root folder]/wp-content/ (remember to backup first)
  16. Delete the htaccees file as well (assuming you have a back up)
  17. End!

You should now have a single WordPress installation with your main site. Go ahead and test it and if everything looks good remember to go back to your Dashboard>Settings>Permalinks and select the pretty url you might like.

Happy blogging!!!

Our new Home – Part I The Foundation

Part I – The Foundation

Well after all the struggles to get finance for a loan for the new home. My wife finally got us finance. Yes my wife!! She’s amazing and never gave up until everything was approved. So for all her hard work, I have to say thank you, my love.

She has make me a better person when it comes to my financial and trust me I still have lots to learn, but I’m blessed that my partner in life is very good and responsible when it comes to finances.

Now going back to the title of my post Our New Home, construction began on Sept 1st, 2011. They start digging the hole for the foundation and basement. Pretty amazing how quick they work once everything is approved and the funds are available.

Here is a photo of the lot we got on a new sub-division call Hidden Acres in Indiana. Very quite as we will be only the second house in the block. Our lot is a just under an acre, so not to bad size for these days. Usually lots are only half an acre. So I’m very happy as the kids will have plenty of room to play and I will have plenty of grass to mow.

On Sept 1st Tucker Homes a local builder started our project. Right away you can see some heavy equipment doing some digging work. I was very impressed on how quick they cut the foundation or hole.  In a few days they had the entire base for the foundation.

The following week the foundation walls were up and for the first time I can really tell how big our basement will be. My lovely wife says is not that big, but trust me I think we should have plenty of room for a bar and a big screen TV or maybe a projector and don’t forget a poker table. Liam agree with me as he actually walk and craw around the whole foundation, walk the basement and check the filtration sealant the put around the external walls. He even check the sewer main he our own personal inspector.

I include a small slide show of the Foundation progress, it shows the empty lot, up to the basement walls without the floor yet. Press the Play button in the middle of the first photo.

[oqeygallery id=3]

We are very buzz about the whole project as now it’s looking closer and closer. Hopefully we will be able to be in our new house before the New Year.


I will update again in Part II the Framing.

Chipbullies Poker League 2011-2012

The 2011-2012 Poker league is on the way. So far I finished 13th on the first two events. I guess not bad, but not good enough. I’m on 10th place on the overall leader board. Based on 51 players, but in reality more like 41 or 42.

I feel like I don’t play as much as I will like too, but it’s OK. Family it’s always first and I will not have it any other way.

Anyways I will keep everyone updated on my progress during the year, and hopefully I earn my way to the Main Event on 2012.

If you want more information about Chipbullies Poker Club, please click here