About Me

jorge carbwoodJorge is a proud American. Born in the state of New York and raised in Puerto Rico by the best two parents a son could ask. Not only I’m a Latino in the USA, but a proud ‘Conservative’. Personally, I can’t understand how so many Latinos are Democrats or call themselves liberals when our roots say different.

I have been working with personal computers since 1982. The first computer I work was a Commodore VIC-20, using a cassette drive. After that amazing experience, I move on to the very popular Commodore 64 and later on to the Commodore Amiga and later move to the IBM PC.

In 1985 with the help of two other friends we established the first computer solutions in Fajardo, PR. Compu-Net was founded in 1985, and we were the first BBS (Bulletin Board Support) on the east side of Puerto Rico, and the first online store in that area. I began working on building & repairing computers, network design in the early 90’s. Currently, I’m working designing websites, providing I.T. support and creating small applications solutions for local businesses in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

In addition to the professional working experience, I am certified on MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer) and A+ Certified PC Technician by CompTIA.