HP G60 445DX – How to downgrade to XP

Jul 15

TheĀ  HPG60-445dx it’s a very nice simple laptop. You will be surprise how a very inexpensive laptop can have so much power. Well all depends how you set up your system. I got this laptop on BestBuy for $549. It comes with Vista 32bit (only have 3gb of ram). Well right of the box I went and upgrade to 4gb, and after making the recovering cd’s I downgraded...

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How to Optimize Firefox?

Apr 16

Here are some simple optimization tips for Firefox Browser. First make sure you have run spyware software, I use SpyBot it’s very simple and powerful and the best it’s free. I always run Windows Defender and my antivirus it’s Avira. All this software I mention here it’s free. Usually for me to pay for software must be there are no free...

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Sonicview 8000 HD Power Problems Two Green led's and an Orange led

Apr 11

My SonicView 8000HD went dead two days ago. There nothing on the menu screen beside a red light blinking anything you press a button on the remote or on the receiver. At this point I was surprise that in less than a year, this expensive receiver was dead. Ouch. I jump to do my research on Google, and I found out that it’s very common problem with them. The...

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Visiting Nashville Tennessee Science Center

Mar 27

Well on Sunday March 22, Liam and I flew to visit Jonathan in Clarskville, TN about 50 miles from Nashville. We went down there to spent some time with him for his birthday and to go to the Adventure Science Center in downtown Nashville. Well the Adventure Science Center it was a fun place and very inexpensive. Tickets for 2 children and 1 adult including tickets to...

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