Installing Windows 10 after Linux (Ubuntu 15.10)

Dec 20

Installing Windows 10 after Linux (Ubuntu 15.10)

I love my Ubuntu machine, but as many of us we have a dual boot system. For some of us, this might be the need for an Adobe application, Quicken or plain and simple like to play some MMORPG. Regardless of which might be your reason, unless you are a Linux expert you will fear to mess around with your partition and boot-loader.

I have a simple AMD system with a MSI 970A-G46 board, AMD 8 core 3.5GHz, 12GB of Ram, and 1tb HD. The current partition are set around 500GB for Windows, and the rest split in two half for Linux. I have my Home in a separate partition for safety. I originally try to upgrade my Win 8 to 10, but that’s when the trouble began. After the files were copy and extracted the computer rebooted as normal and in the GRUB I selected my Windows OS, however the Win 10 install crash with this error we couldn’t install Windows 10 0XC190010 – 0x20017.


Ouch, time for Google. Many different options or solutions, but none of them appears to work for me. SO I gave in and I decided to just do a fresh install of Win 10, and then I repair the GRUB. Simple enough! Well there was one little detail that I missed!

Well so after my hours of headache, I decided to share and maybe safe someone a little time.

Here are the steps to do a Windows install after a Linux install.

  1. Install your Windows file on a boot-able USB flash drive.
  2. Boot the PC from the flash drive. If the computer goes to the GRUB, then you might need to change the boot order in the BIOS.
  3. Once the Windows install is running, follow all the prompts up the selection of install type.
  4. Select Customized installationwindows8-1-preview-14
  5. Here you will see your hard drive partitionspartitions
  6. Please select the one which you want to install Windows. Make sure you don’t pick any of your Linux partitions.
  7. Windows will install all the files and reboot. Now here is the trick!
  8. At this point you won’t be able to load your Linux as the GRUB will need repair, but you might think that’s OK, and just wait until the Windows is fully install to repair the GRUB. Well for me it didn’t work like that.
  9. You will need to repair the GRUB, to be able to continue the Windows install.
  10. In my case I was using Ubuntu 15.10, so I needed a Live CD and then download the Boot-Repair utility to fix the GRUB.
  11. Once I corrected the GRUB with my Live CD. I was able to load my Ubuntu as always.dual-boot-windows-7-e-ubuntu-linux-com-o-grub-medium-postbit-54876
  12. Now back to Windows, so I did a computer reboot, and in the OS selection pick the Windows 10 OS
  13. At this point the installation will continue.
  14. Remember that everything the Windows install need to reboot, you will need to pick the Win OS from the OS selection, if not your Linux install will run as always.

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