Puerto Rico 2009 – Family Trip

Jul 31

Puerto Rico 2009 – Family Trip

On June 19, 2009 our family did our annual Puerto Rico trip. We flew on June 19th, 2009 to Atlanta and spent the night on a hotel by the airport. Luckily we were able to get seats for all of us in the first fly to Puerto Rico. Stephanie was the lucky one to go first class.

[singlepic id=13 w=320 h=240 float=left]Puerto Rico it’s always fun and the best, I get to see Jorge Alejandro twice in the last two months. I love to have all three kids together.

Stephanie, Liam and Jonathan are beach crazy, so the first few days that’s all we did. The first two days we spent some time on Costa Azul, Luquillo. Liam and Jonathan love that beach; the waves are about the right size to surf, bogey board or body surf.

On Tuesday, we went to Icacos Island. Icacos it’s a very small island east of Fajardo. The whole trip there was excellent, from the boat ride to the beautiful beach, almost as nice as Palm Beach in Aruba that by far it’s the most impressive beach I ever seen. Snorkeling was fun and the beach it’s perfect for full day of underwater adventure. Icacos it’s a one day experience, so if you want to feel the pleasure of been in a seclude island just for you, trust me it’s worthy.

Stephanie flew back on Wednesday, and I took the kids to the El Yunque Rain Forest. After going up to the rain forest, we visit my grand-mother.

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