Steph & Jorge Honeymoon Aruba 2008

Jul 30

Aruba it’s the place to go for a great Caribbean vacation. The island has perfect weather and the people are just wonderful. Steph and I spent 7 days in Aruba for our honeymoon, and I’m glad we decided to go there.

We stay in a small place call The Mills, not a very fancy hotel, but on my personal opinion it was the best choice we made. It was walking distance from the high rise hotel, at the beginning of Palm Beach area.

The next day we rent a jeep and did some shopping and then the fun began. We went to the California Light house. Basically you can see the whole island from there. Later we took the jeep to the dunes and drove around the island. StephWe drove to the natural bridge and right away Steph went to show her climbing skills. Later that night we went back to beach. We brought some drinks to have a nice romantic evening under the beautiful Aruba sunset. Then the fun starts when the jeep got stock in the sand. That was fun and I wish we had pictures or a video of us trying to get out of there. Oh well it’s in our memory.

During the week we did some parasailing, we went in the Kuku kunukoo bus. That’s a trip. I believe it was around $45 to $50 a person and that includes dinner and the first drink on every bar you stop. They drive you around the island to six different local bars.

Well the nice thing it’s that they pick you up on the hotel and they will bring you back there unless you don’t want to stop and decide to go to Senor Frog like we did. Great idea Jorge…

I had the chance to be in the Atlantis Submarine in Aruba. It’s a nice experience, but I was expecting a little bit more for the price we pay (around $100pp). However it’s cool to go to the bottom of the ocean and see shipwrecks and the underwater life.

Aruba it’s beautiful, the beach it’s perfect and the people it’s really nice. I will recommend to anyone that wants to go a safe place and have a good time. Gas, food and drinks are expensive as they have to import everything to the island, but what the heck you’re in vacation.

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