Visiting Nashville Tennessee Science Center

Mar 27

Well on Sunday March 22, Liam and I flew to visit Jonathan in Clarskville, TN about 50 miles from Nashville. We went down there to spent some time with him for his birthday and to go to the Adventure Science Center in downtown Nashville.

Well the Adventure Science Center it was a fun place and very inexpensive. adventure_science_centerTickets for 2 children and 1 adult including tickets to the Planetarium were about $45.00 not bad. The place it’s a giant playground for kids. The best it’s all very educational for them. Jonathan and Lian learn how astronauts walk in space doing the Space Chase Test  Bed.

Here they did the Moonwalker, EVA Experience and Trajectory Trails. They definitely enjoyed this ride a lot.

Later we went to the Planetarium to watch Stars. The amazing shows in a IMax like theater was amazing. You feel immerse in the vast universe and the quality of the sound was amazing. If you want to see a preview please click here.

For the finally we went to the Body Quest play area. Here kids plays in a giant playground all based in the human organs. This was really cool as they learn a lot about, brain functions, heart and much more. Jonathan and Liam favorite was the Brain Storm. Here you control a ball with your brain waves. Very interesting device.

Overall the place was great for a affordable price. The kids had a great time.

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